Work with migrant laborers and their families

More than 50% of families in Kotra and near tribal areas are migrant laborers I. e.  they go to nearby small towns, Gujarat for earning their livelihood as they don’t have any proper means of livelihood at their place. Most of them work as laborers in farms of big farmers in Gujarat. We have set up Shramik sahayata aur sandharb kendra where we recognize laborers at source and destination places, help them to access legal education and counseling, efficient training and employment, union building, arrangements of accommodation & water & toilets and health facilities. We are also working on the safety of laborers especially those who are part of a hazardous working environment by ensuring proper safety measures are taken at the workplace to safeguard the health of laborers. We do this by ensuring the execution of law, policies & plans made for labors. We work with migrant laborers who work as farmworkers, stone quarry workers, coolie, crusher workers,  street vendors & other small workers, and their families in both source and destination places.

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